BOSASA Angelo Agrizzi bosasa arrests 2

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BOSASA boss Angelo Agrizzi’s doctor to testify on his health

Former BOSASA boss Angelo Agrizzi’s doctor will be called to testify regarding his fitness to stand trial to face corruption charges.

BOSASA Angelo Agrizzi bosasa arrests 2

Photo: Supplied

Former ANC Parliamentarian, Vincent Smith, has appointed new lawyers in his criminal case, leading to yet another postponement of his hearing in the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in Johannesburg, where former BOSASA boss Angelo Agrizzi’s doctor is also expected to testify on his fitness to stand trial.

Investigating Directorate spokesperson, Sindisiwe Seboka, said in a statement on Tuesday that the matter had been postponed until 2 November 2021. 

Smith has been implicated in R800 000 bribery allegations related to the BOSASA state capture scandal.

Smith appeared briefly in court on Tuesday where the state also notified the court of its plans to now subpoena BOSASA boss, Angelo Aggrizi’s doctor to determine whether he is medically fit to stand trial.

“The postponement is due to Smith appointing new lawyers as well as for the state to disclose the final indictment,” Seboka said.

Smith stands accused of corruption charges in his personal capacity as well as in his representative capacity for his company, Euroblitz 48 Pty Ltd. 

“Smith faces charges of corruption for the alleged gratifications he received from BOSASA in the form of security upgrades to his Gauteng home and Smith’s further accepting of cash transferred into his personal bank account via the bank account of his company, Euroblitz,” Seboka said.

Smith is also facing additional fraud charges for failing to disclose to parliament members as his interests, the gratifications that he received from BOSASA, following the alleged corrupt activities with which he, Euroblitz and Agrizzi have now been charged. 

Seboka said that the state had applied for a separation of trials on 8 July 2021, which the court had granted.

“This was motivated by the infringement of Smith’s rights to a speedy trial, which was affected by Mr Angelo Agrizzi’s absence in court due to ill health,” Seboka said.

“Today the Investigating Directorate has informed the court of its plans to subpoena Angelo Agrizzi’s doctor in order to  make a determination on whether Agrizzi can stand trial or not,” she added.