Bored? Go hunting for snow

Photo: Facebook/Dollie Cronje

Bored? Why not go hunt for SNOW – Here’s where to see snow in SA this weekend [video]

Not sure what to do during the cold, rainy weekend? Grab the kids and go hunt for snow. Here’s where to go and see the snow.

Bored? Go hunting for snow

Photo: Facebook/Dollie Cronje

Are you bored and not sure how to keep the family entertained in the cold weather this weekend?

Grab the family and go hunting for snow!

The intense cold front is currently making its way across the Western Cape is expected to bring frigid temperatures and snow to the central and eastern parts of the country as it spreads.

Widespread snowfall was seen over the Cape provinces on Friday, 27 August, and it is expected that the snowy conditions will spread to KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho on Saturday.

Video: Facebook/De Beer Riaan

SAWS said disruptive snowfalls of between 5 to 10 centimetres are expected to fall from Friday onwards over the high-altitude areas of the Western Cape and the areas of the same elevation in the western and southern parts of the Northern Cape.

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“Heavier snowfall of 10 to 20 cm is also likely over the extreme south-western parts of the Northern Cape (including the Nuweveld and Roggeveld mountains) as well as the Cederberg and Hex River mountains of the Western Cape,” said the forecaster.

South Africa experienced snowfall for the fourth time in the space of two months over the past week, and people couldn’t wait to get outside and start playing.

Farmers and the public are urged to take care of their pets and livestock outside. Please ensure that they are protected from these severe weather conditions.



Just north of the town the 2750-hectare Akkerendam Nature Reserve provides access to the Karee Dam and the mountain slopes of the spectacular Hantam Mountains.


Situated a few kilometres outside Beaufort West and abutting the N1 highway towards Laingsburg, the Karoo National Park is one of the most accessible national parks in South Africa.

The Park straddles the mountain slopes and high peaks of the Nuweveld Mountains which stand sentinel over the vast surrounding plains of the Koup.

Sunderland is next to Strandfontein Forest Reserve and is located in Western Cape. This town and its surrounding areas have seen snowfall several times this winter.


The Limietberge stretch from Franschhoek in the south to the Klein Drakenstein mountains in the east. The Limietberge forms part of the greater Boland mountain range. From Wellington, it is possible to see the snow on the peaks of the snow-capped Limietberge.

The high altitude, fertile Witzenberg Valley lies hidden in a fold of the Skurweberg mountains, about 20 km north of Ceres

From the town of Somerset West in the Western Cape, it is possible to see snow on the peaks of the nearby Hottentots Holland Mountains.

Located between Paarl and Worcester in the Western Cape the Du Toitskloof mountains form a formidable barrier between Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. These mountains have taken on an almost Alpine-like setting with thick snow on the peaks.

Several weather warnings have been issued by the SAWS:

  • Yellow level 4 Warning for Disruptive snowfall for parts of KZN tomorrow (Saturday 28 August 2021)). It will be cloudy, cold to very cold and rainy over many parts of the province. Widespread snowfall expected on the high-lying areas with disruptive snow in the south-west.
  • Yellow level 4 warning for severe thunderstorms expected along the escarpment areas of Mpumalanga during tomorrow (Saturday 28 August 2021) afternoon into the evening. Hail, strong to damaging winds and heavy downpours possible.
  • Yellow level 4 Warning for Disruptive snowfall for parts of the Eastern Cape tonight into tomorrow (Saturday 28 August 2021). It will be cloudy and very cold especially over the interior with rain in the east and south.
  • Impact based warning for snow valid for today into tomorrow for parts of the Western and Northern Cape provinces. These conditions will spread to the Eastern Cape and KZN high-ground from overnight tonight into tomorrow (Saturday).