Bored? Why not go ghost hunting? Here's the top 10 haunted places in SA

Bored? Why not go ghost hunting? Here’s the top 10 haunted places in SA Photos:Supplied/Facebook/Twitter

Bored? Why not go ghost hunting? Here’s the top 10 haunted places in SA

Are you bored? Grab your friends and go ghost hunting! Find the top 10 haunted houses in South Africa here.

Bored? Why not go ghost hunting? Here's the top 10 haunted places in SA

Bored? Why not go ghost hunting? Here’s the top 10 haunted places in SA Photos:Supplied/Facebook/Twitter

Bored? Don’t worry. We have just what you need! Grab your friends and go ghost hunting!

South Africa has no shortage of ghost stories, from haunted hotels, castles, and museums to legendary tales from bygone eras.

Here’s a round-up of the top 10 most haunted places in the country:

The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town
The Castle of Good Hope is one of the country’s oldest buildings and is notorious for being haunted. It is said that the spirit of Lady Anne Barnard, a travel writer, artist, and socialite, often makes an appearance in the ballroom of the Castle. There are also tales of a black hound that leaps at you before disappearing, as well as the lost souls of those dragged down into the “Donker Gat” (dark hole), a windowless dungeon where many were imprisoned and tortured.

Bored? Why not go ghost hunting? Here's the top 10 haunted places in SA
The Castle of Good Hope Photo: Facebook

St Elmo’s Convent, KwaZulu-Natal
This location situated 10 kilometres from Durban is any ghost hunter’s dream. St Elmo’s was erected in stages from 1918 until 1939. It was a Catholic convent used as a retreat for nuns of the Third Order of St Dominic as well as a remedial school for children with learning disabilities. The Convent was forced to close down in 1994 due to a cut in government subsidies. If you visit it now, you will find it in a dilapidated state in most places.

The Castle of Good Hope
The Convent Photo:Facebook

The Flying Dutchman Wreck at Cape Point
Over the years, lighthouse keepers at the Cape of Good Hope have reported multiple sightings of the ghost ship the Flying Dutchman during storms. The famous ship tried to find a safe harbour during a terrible storm around the Cape of Good Hope but never made it and is now doomed to sail the seas for eternity. It is considered a terrible omen to see the Flying Dutchman while at sea. On a stormy day, make your way to atmospheric Cape Point, and you may spot the famous ghost ship in the eye of the storm.

Uniondale, Western Cape
The ghost of Uniondale is one of the most notorious in South Africa and hers is a tragic tale about the sudden death of two lovers. Allegedly, in the late 60s, Maria Roux and her fiancé were driving just outside the town when their car crashed. Neither of them survived and Maria is said to walk the road at night asking for a lift back into town, and vanishing after getting into unsuspecting motorist’s cars. Rumor has it that Maria and her fiancé were on their way to break the news of their engagement to her parents.

Uniondale Photo: Facebook/UniondaleTourism

Westfort Leper Hospital, Pretoria
Lined with towering, majestic blue gum trees, this was once the only leper hospital in the country. Roos says the tranquility of this space dissipates once you drive through its boomed gate. Westfort Hospital was closed in 1996 and has since fallen into disrepair. There is neither electricity nor running water and is now home to informal settlers.

Bored? Why not go ghost hunting? Here's the top 10 haunted places in SA
West Leper hospital in Pretoria Photo:Facebook/AliciaWhitting

Ghostly sightings in Matjiesfontein, the Karoo
The splendid Matjiesfontein hotel in the middle of the Karoo is full of ghosts. You may hear Katie shuffling her cards in Katie’s Card Room, or see the ghost known as Lucy wandering around in her negligee. Ghostly British soldiers from the Boer War are said to haunt the staircase while the hotel insists that the spirit of the founder of Matjiesfontein, James Logan, is still present in the Hotel. Just 250 km from Cape Town off the N1, a frighteningly good weekend in Matjiesfontein is a few hours’ drives away.

Smuts House, Irene
General Jan Smuts, a renowned philosopher, scholar, botanist, statesman, and soldier, lived in this historically preserved house for over 40 years. The story goes that the farm was previously owned by a family who fled during the South African War after burying their valuables, including £30,000 worth of gold, in the yard. Many visitors have reported seeing an old man on the grounds, specifically in one of the bedrooms within the house. Issie Smuts, Jan Smut’s wife, often spoke about the ghost and his presence in their house.

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Kempton Park Hospital
This abandoned hospital in Kempton Park, Gauteng is frequented by thrill-seekers and ghost hunters.

In 1978 the Kempton Park Hospital, situated in the residential area of Birchleigh, opened its doors to patients. It was upheld as one of the best medical facilities in the country at the time.
Now, 43 years later, the hospital stands with blood stains on the floors, expensive machines covered in years of decay and ghosts that haunt the hallways – making it one of the scariest places to visit in South Africa.

Kempton Park Hospital Photo:Facebook

Old Jail in Philippolis, Free State
“Old Jail in Philippolis Found in the heart of the oldest town in the Free State, the old jail of Philippolis is said to be one of the most haunted places in South Africa. Once used as a barracks for the military to a jail. Up until this day, you can hear a man play the violin.”

Erasmus Castle/Kasteel
“Die Spookhuis” or Erasmus Castle in Erasmuskloof, Pretoria. Local residents often report strange noises and ghost sightings in and around the Victorian mansion. Paranormal activity includes lit windows in the uninhabited mansion and hearing people moaning at night.

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