bonang Matheba tax fraud

Photo: bonang_m / instagram

Bonang behaving badly: Celeb denies claims of alleged tax fraud

Local celeb Bonang Matheba has denied claims in a South African tabloid that she is involved in a case of tax fraud and that she appear in court on those charges this week.

bonang Matheba tax fraud

Photo: bonang_m / instagram

Some might say this is a classic case of haters gonna hate.

Just a day before Bonang Matheba is set to appear in a pretty epic cover of GQ magazine, a report surfaced that she was allegedly involved in ‘tax fraud’.

Sunday World ran a report over the weekend that she appeared in court on Wednesday and cited “anonymous officials” who claim the starlet did not submit her full tax returns. A tax fraud case was allegedly opened, the paper added.

The media personality’s PR team hit back fast.

Speaking to Channel24, her team said the article contained “factual errors” and that Bonang “was never summonsed to appear and never appeared on charges of tax fraud”.

Channel24 also spoke to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) who also denied the report. NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane was quoted as saying:

“The matter was not enrolled pending further investigations,” Mjonondwane said.

Look, we know celebs earn a lot of money and we’re not gonna excuse anyone from paying tax, but anyone who has ever done their tax return will know what a mission it is – even if you are paying somebody to do it for you.

So, while Queen B has denied the claims, just remember that there is a tax deadline looming, which is 31 October if you are submitting through e-filing.

What’s that? A little bit of celeb gossip and a good dose of financial advice? Don’t say we never give you anything…