Boksburg gas leak

Boksburg explosion death toll rises to 37. Photo: Gift of the Givers/ Facebook.

Boksburg explosion death toll spikes to 37

The Boksburg tanker explosion death toll has risen, a saddened Gauteng Premier confirmed this and more about the tragedy

Boksburg gas leak

Boksburg explosion death toll rises to 37. Photo: Gift of the Givers/ Facebook.

The Boksburg tanker explosion death toll has gone up from 34 last week to 37 this week.


The rising death toll has left Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi saddened following the Boksburg tanker explosion on Christmas Eve.

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In a statement, today, Wednesday. 4 January 2023, the police notified the Gauteng Provincial Government that the number of fatalities now stands at 37, with additional body parts found around the area of the incident.


Of the 37 people that have passed on, 12 are healthcare workers (10 government employees and 2 agency staff), all stationed at Tambo Memorial Hospital (TMH), according to province.

The provincial government confirmed that the number of TMH staff members who were injured during the incident is 35, and not 13, as previously communicated. The 35 injuries are inclusive of those that demised.

Majority of the staff have been treated and discharged.

According to Province, eight Ekurhuleni Emergency Medical Service personnel were injured during the explosion – six have been discharged while two have since been downgraded from intensive cared to normal wards, and are recovering well.


Premier Lesufi, on behalf of the provincial government, extended his sincerest condolences, once more, to the families of the deceased and assures them of the continued support by government during this difficult period. The premier also wished those that are still receiving medical attention a speedy recovery.

“We continue to stand with the many families whose lives have been changed forever by the tragic incident. This has not been an easy period, particularly for those who lost loved ones. We implore our health professionals to provide the best care to those that are still on the road to recovery.”

Premier Lesufi

There are still several people in various hospitals and the health department continues to monitor their situation, according to Province.

Province also revealed, given the nature of the incident and the extent of injuries incurred, many families – both of staff and the public – decided to speed up the process of laying their loved ones to rest. Some families have buried their loved ones, whilst others will bury their loved ones this week and next week. National and provincial government deployed officials to attend the funerals and to provide support to the affected families.

“There is ongoing counselling to staff and their families, and to the bereaved families offered by clinical psychologists, social workers, and Chaplains. Where necessary, government, working with organisations such as Gift of the Givers and AVBOB, have assisted with burial arrangements above other social relief measures offered to affected families,” Lesufi concluded.

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