AfriForum CEO claims it's okay to display 'apartheid flag' privately


#BlackMonday controversy sees ‘apartheid flags’ brought to protest

On a day to honour the farming community, it seems old wounds have been re-opened

AfriForum CEO claims it's okay to display 'apartheid flag' privately


A minority of #BlackMonday protesters have been accused of pushing a ‘racist’ agenda, after bringing along the old ‘apartheid flags’ used before 1994.

Used from 1928 up to 1994, the flag itself is a nod to South Africa’s colonial history, featuring the Union Jack and Dutch-inspired emblems. Due to its use by the apartheid government, the flag has become symbolic for racist attitudes of that era. Unfortunately, a few have made an appearance today.

‘Apartheid flags’ seen at farm murders demonstration

The EFF’s Julius Malema also tweeted his disapproval of how the protest was being handled. He referred to taxi protests lead by black workers, and stated that the #BlackMonday protesters should face the same barrage of rubber bullets, due to ‘both parties blocking the roads illegally’.

What are the #BlackMonday protests?

The demonstrators are wearing black to show support for the 70 murdered farmers who lost their lives since the start of 2017. The final straw came when Stellenbosch wine farmer Joubert Conradie was shot dead in his residence last week Tuesday.

Along with the #BlackMonday movement, there is also the Genoeg is Genoeg (Enough is Enough) sister campaign to taking place in the Western Cape today. All together, it is estimated that some 10,000 citizens gathered for the morning protest in Klapmuts, before moving on to the city centre.

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