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Pen your thoughts: The benefits of journaling life’s journey

Writing in a journal is an effective way to manage your emotions while reducing anxiety – especially during lockdown.


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Life is an exciting journey that passes by swiftly…However, journaling is a wonderful way to document and highlight your greatest memories and achievements.

Your life doesn’t need to be eventful for you to consider keeping a journal. Journaling is a great way to release stress through writing. Recording your thoughts and feelings daily has many benefits.

1. Thought organiser

Writing down your feelings and thoughts is a great way to organise your thoughts while clearing your mind. Organising your thoughts through journaling declutters the mind while boosting your creativity, focus and even your self-esteem.

Writing regularly is a great way to keep track of your achievements and those great moments you never want to forget.

2. Reduces anxiety

Journalising is an effective stress management tool that helps you work through your anxiety by writing your fears or worries down.

3. Promotes personal growth

A journal allows you to keep track of your behavioural patterns and habits, which promotes personal growth as you will be forced to face your actions, thus helping you respond effectively to challenges in future using your past mistakes as reference.

4. Promotes wellbeing

Keeping a journal is beneficial for your health and wellbeing. When you journalise, you accelerate emotional healing. Expressive writing helps you to prioritise your problems, fears and worries, thus creating the opportunity for positive self-analysis while promoting better emotional control.

5. Set your goals

A journal helps you record your dreams, goals and aspirations. Writing your goals down will motivate you to make active plans that will help you to reach your full potential as journaling provides you with invaluable insight that will help you to align yourself with your goals.

Whether you want to achieve your goals, improve your relationships with others or simply document your thoughts, journaling is a great way to manage toxic thought patterns while giving you clarity as to what you are feeling and how to handle it in the best way possible — all while promoting healthy relations with yourself and others.

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