ANC Women’s League recruited s

ANC Women’s League recruited six men for the ANC policy conference

Sit down, ladies. The ANC women’s league reckons men are the experts here.

ANC Women’s League recruited s

Ladies and gentlemen, president of the ANC women’s league Bathabile Dlamini is batting for the patriarchy. But probably doesn’t even realise that she is doing it.

All eyes are currently on the ANC Policy conference where all sorts of things are being discussed. Amongst them, the role of women in leadership.

During the conference,  Dlamini told Jacaranda FM that  “women must be respected and can be elected into leadership positions in the ANC” and that there is a “patriarchal nature” in the ANC.

But it didn’t take long for her to contradict itself.  The ANC Women’s League has been campaigning hard for a female leader, but they roped in six men to “bolster” their delegation a the the policy conference.

Why? Well, get a hold of this, dear reader. She was quoted by the Sunday Times as saying:

“Sometimes we lose debates because we become emotional so now we want experts to argue.”

Errrr. What? Are only men experts now?

Not soon after the report hit social media, the ANCWL issued a reply denting everything.

The statement says:

The politically motivated reports driven by the mouthpiece of the neo-liberals who want the status quo in terms of land and economic ownership to remain unchanged is a continuous campaign aimed at liquidating the ANCWL as the integral part of the African National Congress (ANC).

It is unfortunate that the Sunday Times journalist, a woman, decided to lie about the interview she conducted with both Cde Bathabile and Cde Meokgo.

The ANCWL would like to put it on record that at no stage were emotions discussed with Qaanitah Hunter of the Sunday Times. The President of the ANCWL told Ms Hunter that it was a fact that women are not represented in other sectors and gave her an example for instance about the issue of land which in a nutshell speaks about agriculture. The ANCWL has been working closely with the Dr John Langalibalele Dube Institute and is led by a Professor who happens to be a male.