Recall beckons for Jacob Zuma after SONA 2018 postponement

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“South Africans badmouthing this country are irresponsible” – Jacob Zuma

He’s gone beyond parody now…

Recall beckons for Jacob Zuma after SONA 2018 postponement

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Jacob Zuma claimed that the country’s economy could only recover if all ‘key stakeholders’ stuck together, claiming that those who criticise South Africa are ‘irresponsible’.

The President delivered his bizarre remarks during his annual address to the National Council of Provinces. Throughout his speech, he was heckled by opposition MPs. DA MP from the Free State George Michalakis some even brought along a copy of The President’s Keepers, and held it aloft to taunt the president.

The theme of the evening’s meeting was ‘deepening unity for inclusive growth’. Zuma, whose actions have lead to huge divides in the ANC, perhaps wasn’t the best qualified for this subject.

Jacob Zuma defends himself, blames apartheid

The President defended his term in office, and blamed apartheid for several of the crises that plague South Africa today. Granted, that regime caused horrendous damage to the country – but Zuma has inflicted his own wounds over the last eight years.

“We have a responsibility to promote our country externally. And, to solve whatever problems we have internally in a patriotic and responsible manner.”

“Attacking South Africa and badmouthing the country when she is most vulnerable is irresponsible. Especially if done by South Africans themselves.”

“We know that many among the privileged classes become angry when we speak about the reality of the apartheid legacy. They want it to be forgotten.”

“We will continue to work hard to reverse the horrible impact of this legacy. It is incorrect that the income level of a white household remains six times higher than that of a black household.”

Zuma asks South Africa to help those in poverty

Zuma finished his speech by encouraging citizens and his fellow colleagues to ‘continue making SA a better place for the poor and the working class’.

This, coming from a man who has looted state resources to line his own pockets AND is on the cusp of adding R1.2trn of national debt just to get his nuclear deal over the line. The poor can count themselves ignored on this occasion.