Babita Deokaran

Slain whistleblower, Babita Deokaran. Photo: Tebogo Mantambo and Kevin Singh / Facebook

Babita Deokaran: Murder case of Gauteng health official postponed

The murder case of slain health official Babita Deokaran has been postponed to August for further investigations.

Babita Deokaran

Slain whistleblower, Babita Deokaran. Photo: Tebogo Mantambo and Kevin Singh / Facebook

The murder case of Babita Deokaran has been postponed to 24 August 2022 for further investigations.

Six accused men made their first Joburg High Court appearance

There are six men charged with the murder of the whistle-blower. The accused made their first appearance before the High Court in Johannesburg on Friday, 22 July. They are facing charges of attempted murder, murder, the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Reports revealed that during their arrests, the men made an array of confessions. One that stood out was that former Health Minister Zweli Mkhize allegedly orchestrated the hit on Deokaran.

SABC News reports that they have now claimed to have confessed under duress. 

Who was Deokaran and how was she killed?

Deokaran was a senior Gauteng Department of Health official. She was also a witness in various corruption investigations. Deokaran was shot outside her home in Johannesburg south in August 2021.

It is believed that her murder was a hit.

EIGHT things to know about the slain health official

Deokaran was a senior finance official in the Department of Health. According to Mokgethi, she was an “invaluable member of the Gauteng health team”. Second, Babita Deokaran rose up the ranks in the public service, in the last three decades, after she joined as an Accounting Clerk. 

Babita Deokaran then went on to become Chief Director: Financial Accounting at the GDOH and at times acted as the Chief Financial Officer.  While we don’t know how many children she had, we do know she was a mother and according to her social media pages, family was very important to her. 

She said; “I’m a mum, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, you name it.” According to Facebook, she is from Durban but moved to Johannesburg. She attended Daleview Secondary School and studied at the University of South Africa (Unisa). Deokaran also strictly adhered to COVID-19 protocols and encouraged the 18-35 cohort to get their vaccines.  Read the full story here.