Ayanda Mabulu Zuma Gupta painting

Photo by Gallo Images / Beeld / Felix Dlangamandla

Ayanda Mabulu: Controversial artist targeted after comparing Madiba to Satan

First, Ayanda Mabulu compared Madiba to Hitler and Satan, then he crashed his car during a chase.

Ayanda Mabulu Zuma Gupta painting

Photo by Gallo Images / Beeld / Felix Dlangamandla

Controversial South African artist and political satirist, Ayanda Mabulu, has ruffled some feathers with his comments about the late great Nelson Mandela.

It’s been a rough Thursday for Mabulu, who, after his provocative interview with Eusebius McKaiser, was followed by unknown assailants, which resulted in the artist rear-ending another vehicle.

Ayanda Mabulu: Mandela the Nazi

Mabulu is no stranger to controversy; in fact, the Joburg based artist thrives off it. His work has been censored and removed from public galleries and often features politicians, both dead and alive, in sexually compromising positions.

His most recent work compares Madiba to Hitler, depicting the former president and struggle icon performing the Nazi salute in front of a Swastika.

McKaiser invited the artistic provocateur to an interview on 702 Talk Radio. During the on-air discussion, Mabulu explained his most recent artwork, saying:

“What Hitler has done to the Jewish people in Germany, he killed them. Right now in this country, black people in this country are now men walking in the streets hustling everyday suffocating slowly rotting inside because Mandela and his cronies in the ANC failed them.”

Mabulu goes too far

And while comparing Madiba to Hitler upset the general public along with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Mabulu’s insinuation that the late great struggle leader may be dining with the devil in hell proved to be too much for some listeners.

Mabulu explained that Mandela had done black South Africans an evil disservice, saying:

“You are so idolising Mandela who right now might be rotting in hell. Today we are highly racialised, we are looked at as poor wretches who have to be submissive to everything that is going to throw crumbs of bread. That is the legacy that Mandela has left.

He might be dining with Satan wherever he is because the legacy he left us with is highly evil.”

Following the radio interview in Sandton, Mabulu claims he was targeted by two disgruntled Madiba supporters who tailed him as he drove through Johannesburg.

Car chase ends in crash

As reported by News24, Mabulu said the men, who were driving Silver Volvo, followed him, while shouting, hooting and flashing their lights.

According to Mabulu, the car that was following him was swerving in and out of traffic in order to keep up with his vehicle. It was then that the controversial artist realised he was being targeted:

“I thought maybe they need to pass so I moved aside. They kept flickering. Then I thought let me pull over, maybe it’s people who know me but I realised I don’t know them so I decided to keep driving.”

In a panic, Mabulu crashed into a car in front of him while trying to escape the stalkers. Still, the artist remains resolute, saying:

“I’m fine… this won’t stop me.”