Ashwin Willemse

Ashwin Willemse during the infamous studio incident. Photo: Archives

Ashwin Willemse: SuperSport take all three analysts off air

SuperSport says it has been unable to resolve the issue.

Ashwin Willemse

Ashwin Willemse during the infamous studio incident. Photo: Archives

On Friday, SuperSport released a statement explaining that despite initial progress, they have been unable to resolve the Ashwin Willemse on-air incident. As a result, all three analysts will not appear on TV for the time being.

Ashwin Willemse and the on-air incident that shook SA

An independent review will now take place despite SuperSport having had discussions with all parties over the course of this week.

“Despite good progress initially, the matter has unfortunately not been resolved. We have therefore decided to instruct an independent Senior Counsel, Advocate Vincent Maleka SC, to chair a review of the incident which occurred and to make recommendations to our management,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

Last weekend, Willemse walked off of the SuperSport set live on air after being angered by comments made by fellow analysts Nick Mallett and Naas Botha.

Before waking off, Willemse had calmly stated that he has been called a “quota player” his whole life and will not be patronised by the two men.

SuperSport says that will Willemse, Mallett and Botha will not appear on air. They are not suspended and will “continue to be remunerated” in terms of their contracts.

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Advocate Maleka has been asked to make findings and recommendations by Monday 11 June.

“We are committed to getting to the bottom of this serious issue.”

The incident saw the majority of the nation coming to Willemse’s defence while some hit-out at the former Springbok for “unprofessional behaviour”.

The main discourse around the incident has been the rumours of racism and “white entitlement” being displayed by Botha and Mallett.

Media personnel, analysts and even ministers across the country had made their claims that the incident had racial undertones. A video of Mallett correcting Willemse’s English in 2014 also surfaced.

Supersport came forward publically and said that their initial discussions were positive. All three men were reportedly prepared to keep working together. The channel also said that their initial discussions had found no hint of racism.

The sudden change of direction implies that SuperSport might not have had the situation under control all along.