Watch: Four armed men hijack a woman at a parking garage [video]

Turn it around / youtube

Watch: Four armed men hijack a woman at a parking garage [video]

It took four thugs to force a woman from her car. It doesn’t get any lower than this

Watch: Four armed men hijack a woman at a parking garage [video]

Turn it around / youtube

South Africa’s hijack epidemic shows no signs of subsiding. Yesterday, a woman faced the terrifying ordeal of having her car stolen by four armed men.

The shocking footage shows the victim pull up to a parking garage in Bedfordview, east Johannesburg. She approaches the entrance to receive a ticket. However, as she pulls forward and underneath the barrier, her assailants leap out of a black Audi behind her.

It takes two men to force the driver from her car at gunpoint. One of the thieves turns and fires shots at the parking security guard. Thankfully, no-one was injured despite the traumatic experience.

New tactics from hijack gang?

The gang seemed to be taking advantage of the stop-and-go routine involved with ‘secure’ parking. They employed their new tactic on Sunday afternoon, just after 17:00, and sped away in the white Jetta and their Audi.

The men’s faces can be clearly seen in the video. Their disguises are certainly lacking in imagination: Despite the all black clothing, the majority of the men are wearing brightly coloured beanie hats.

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The man who shot towards security staff did it in full view of a CCTV camera, with a woolly hat barely covering his forehead.

It is hoped that these thugs can be identified from the footage itself. What remains concerning is that they arrived to the garage in an Audi, to steal a car of less value and prestige. Therefore it is barely conceivable that the Audi itself isn’t stolen, too.

Who are ‘Turn It Around’?

The incident was uploaded to YouTube by Turn It Around. They a virtual neighbourhood watch group that want to map where crimes are committed in order to keep our city streets safer.

They encourage the reporting of all incidents, however minor, to gain a better understanding of where and when crime happens.

Watch the Bedfordview hijacking here…