“Apartheid is to blame for Esk

“Apartheid is to blame for Eskom’s screw-ups,” says Zuma

So the ANC’s birthday last weekend made for a a hell of a lot of pearls. One of our favess is their go-to excuse for pretty much everything. Apartheid.

“Apartheid is to blame for Esk

‘ol JZ was at it again, claiming that the ruling party should feel no guilt for what’s happening to Eskom. Blame Apartheid and absolve yourselves of any responsibility for anything whatsoever, seems to be the message to everyone who has ever entered government since 1994.

50 000 people played witness to the ANC’s birthday party — remember also that the party is broke, so how they paid for this remains to be seen — where various slurs were thrown at everyone, and no responsibility was taken by the ruling elite for any of their actions.

Zuma said that the power issues were caused by the Apartheid government‘s commitment to only providing services to the few and never developing infrastructure for the rest.

Right, because 20 years is not enough time to develop any infrastructure and having some of our stations break down due to poor management is not government’s fault.

Zuma also added that unicorns have been spotted in Luthuli House’s garden and that he’s found a way to make pigs fly… namely SAA.