anti-vaxxer radio 786 kouthar davids

Photo: Twitter

SA anti-vaxxer hospitalised by COVID says she ‘doesn’t believe in COVID’

A radio host from Cape Town has left us all baffled with her take on COVID-19, after she was interviewed at an anti-vaxxer protest on Saturday.

anti-vaxxer radio 786 kouthar davids

Photo: Twitter

We’re not so much shaking our heads, but rather, wobbling them until they fall off. A female radio presenter who attended an anti-vaxxer rally at Groote Schuur Hospital over the weekend has gone viral, for a predictably daft reason.

Anti-vaxxer makes a show of herself during protest

Kouthar Davids gained widespread media attention back in January, after she was hospitalised with the disease. She spent 11 days on a ward before she was allowed to go home, and suffered from dangerously low oxygen levels.

However, following a public crusade – in which she also posted a video stating that ‘COVID is real’ – Davids was leading from the frontlines during the controversial anti-vaxxer protests. Davids now says that she ‘does not believe’ in the virus.

Outstanding stuff, really…

Groote Schuur protester says she ‘does not believe in COVID’ – despite previous hospitalisation

  • (Watch from 0:49)

Anti-vaxxer radio presenter makes bizarre switch with her COVID beliefs

We truly, genuinely wish that we were making this up. But we’re not. The reporter who interviewed Davids also dragged up the video she made back when COVID had her down bad. How one can change their tone like this is mind-boggling.

City of Cape Town acknowledge Groote Schuur protest

There’s no scientific evidence suggesting that COVID can cause amnesia, but we might have a case study here. Over the past 48 hours, the City of Cape Town has come under fire for failing to prevent the anti-vaxxer protest. Although officials cannot dictate the purpose of a public march, they have issued a statement in regards to the weekend demos:

“Gatherings must adhere to Covid-19 Regulations which stipulates that all gatherings be limited to no more than 100 participants, in terms of the Regulations issued under the Disaster Management Act.”

“Residents are encouraged to report non-compliance of COVID regulations to the police. We encourage residents to get vaccinated, and acts in support of SAPS – the primary agency for enforcing public order – and Groote Schuur Hospital.”

  • Davids has tried to backtrack from her position since, issuing the following statement on her Facebook page:

“I’m Pro-Choice. In December, I’ve battled being hospitalized with Covid-19 pneumonia and ONLY through Allah’s Qadr and mercy I was granted help. I will NOT be subjected to engage in an experimental program.”