bogus doctor

Kingsley Chele is a bogus doctor who escaped custody in 2023. Image: SAPS

Another bogus doctor arrested at Tembisa Hospital

Alleged bogus doctors seemingly love Gauteng public hospitals. This time, police arrested a female culprit at Tembisa Hospital.

bogus doctor

Kingsley Chele is a bogus doctor who escaped custody in 2023. Image: SAPS

The Gauteng Department of Health (GDoH) has confirmed that a female bogus doctor was apprehended at Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital. 

The bogus doctor was arrested on Tuesday,  18 June. 


Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson Motalatale Modiba said the bogus doctor was handed over to the police and spent a night in 

Modiba said the facility management has since opened a case at Rabasotho Police Station, and the suspect is due to appear in court soon. 

“Unqualified individuals posing as medical professionals put innocent lives at risk. It is criminal to impersonate healthcare professionals and practise while not registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). 

“The matter is under investigation by the facility management and the police to establish circumstances under which the bogus doctor gained access to the hospital,” Modiba said.

Further, the Gauteng Department of Health urged its employees and the public to be vigilant against imposters who seek to undermine the work of healthcare professionals.


In February, Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson Motalatale Modiba said a person impersonating a medical doctor was nabbed at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital after they demanded that an escort to a patient pay R700 for the alleged doctor to assist the patient.

Modiba said the member of the public became suspicious when the bogus doctor, who was wearing green scrubs with the name Dr Zulu imprinted on the uniform, advised her to meet at the pedestrian gate where to make the payment.

“The escort notified the security personnel, who eventually apprehended the bogus doctor at the hospital’s pedestrian gate. When asked to produce her Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) registration number and a personal number by the security and facility management, the bogus doctor could not do so,” he explained.


Recently, another bogus doctor, Matthew Lani, sent shocking waves across the country after stealing the identity of an intern doctor.

Lani was arrested, but his case was thrown out of court as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said you could not be charged for lying as lying is not an offence unless you are lying under oath.

NPA Gauteng spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane said there is no evidence to sustain the charge or link Lani to the alleged offence of impersonating a personality.

bogus doctor
Matthew Lani. Image: X/MDN News

According to ZiMoja, the popular TikTok user is demanding R9 million from the Gauteng Department of Health after he was arrested by security personnel at the Helen Joseph Hospital.

In a letter of demand, Lani’s lawyer, Phathutshedzo Owen Sithi of SNT Attorneys, said the fake doctor “was maliciously and unlawfully arrested and detained by security personnel of Potlako Security & Cleaning Services stationed at Helen Joseph Hospital” in October 2023.