Anonymous customers leave Simp

Photo: Twitter / @SimplyAsia_SA

Anonymous customers leave Simply Asia staff a R6000 tip

A family left the staff at a Simply Asia store in Cape Town a very generous tip. The restaurant took to social media to show their appreciation.

Anonymous customers leave Simp

Photo: Twitter / @SimplyAsia_SA

The on-duty staff at a Simply Asia restaurant in Cape Town was in for a pleasant surprise on Friday night, 30 July, when a family that visits the eatery regularly left them a very generous tip. The customers’ gratuity was reportedly thought to be a mistake at first but that was not the case.


Simply Asia, a popular Thai restaurant with more than 50 stores across South Africa, took to social media on Monday, 2 August, to thank the patrons – who wished to remain anonymous – for their generous tip.

“Our Durbanville store was in for a big surprise and treat when one of our loyal customer’s left a R500 tip for each staff member on duty,” said the restaurant in a post that was shared to their Facebook and Twitter pages. It was accompanied by a photograph of the till slip.

The customers left each staff member on duty on Friday night a R500 tip. This amounted to R6000 in total.

The restaurant said it is grateful for the generous contribution made to the store and staff during these difficult times. The restaurant industry has suffered great losses because of restrictions imposed since the onset of the pandemic; multiple lockdowns have led to the closure of several businesses.

Enzo Cocca, the Simply Asia Group general manager, told CapeTalk that since the generous tip was given on Friday night the staff at the Durbanville branch have been in high spirits.

According to the till slip, the family of four – husband, wife and two children – racked up a bill of R453 prior to the tip.

“I think initially staff thought it was a mistake, but it wasn’t,” said Cocca. “They insisted they remain anonymous.” The family reportedly left the restaurant without wanting any recognition whatsoever.

Simply Asia management said the last 18 months have been especially hard on its waiters because they rely on the income from tips.

The social media reaction to the restaurant’s post was overwhelmingly positive. However, there were a few sceptical people who felt that the tip should have gone only to the individual that served the family – or even worse, that the employees would never see the money.

Simply Asia responded to those messages by reiterating that the tipper insisted the money be split between all the staff on duty at the time.

“…The anonymous tipper requested that the waiter (called Violet) confirm how many people was on duty during the Friday dinner rush and instructed that the R6000 tip should be split accordingly,” said the restaurant.