BOSASA Angelo Agrizzi bosasa arrests 2

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‘Ailing’ Angelo Agrizzi wants corruption charges against him withdrawn

Former BOSASA COO, Angelo Agrizzi has not been attending court cases due to ill health, he wants his corruption case struck from the roll.

BOSASA Angelo Agrizzi bosasa arrests 2

Photo: Supplied

Former BOSASA Chief Operations Officer, Angelo Agrizzi wants the corruption case against him struck from the roll. 

Agrizzi turned into a whistleblower by exposing the company’s dirty dealings under late boss Gavin Watson. He has been ill since October 2020 and has not been attending court proceedings.


According to Agrizzi’s attorney, Daniel Witz, the former COO is currently in hospital undergoing a cardiac procedure and other tests to stabilise his health. 

In an interview with the SABC, the attorney said in May 2021 the state was of the view that Agrizzi should proceed to trial in his corruption matter in the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in the Palm Ridge.

“We were of the view as well as his specialist doctors that he is not fit to stand trial. The state wanted to appoint its own medical expert to assess him. We were not opposed to that. We would fully cooperate with any medical assessment by state appointed specialists and doctors

“We therefore brought an application for an inquiry into why the state is delaying the appointment of the medical expert. We are recommending that they withdraw the charges, pending his medical assessment. If he is fit to stand trial, they can then re-institute the charges.” 

Daniel Witz

Witz said as of March 2022 they are still waiting for the state to appoint a medical expert to assess Agrizzi. 

Agrizzi was placed behind bars in October 2020, after he was denied bail.

He faces corruption charges related to a number of payments made to former African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament (MP) Vincent Smith. He is currently out on R30 000 bail on the same case.

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