Andre Hanekom

Francis and Andre Hanekom (Photo: Lowvelder)

Andre Hanekom recovering after traumatic kidnapping ordeal

After the horrific ordeal, the businessman is now on the road to recovery.

Andre Hanekom

Francis and Andre Hanekom (Photo: Lowvelder)

Andre Hanekom, a Mozambique-based South African man who suffered a dramatic ordeal last week, is now recovering well in hospital, News24 reports.

The businessman was initially feared dead after he was allegedly shot and abducted by masked men in Amarula Hotel near Palma. According to witnesses, the men loaded him in the back of a brown Toyota Land Cruiser then fled with him.

His wife Francis managed to locate him on Friday in a hospital in a town close to Palma under heavy military guard. According to his daughter Amanda, he was nursing bullet wounds and a broken arm and was – on Monday – airlifted to the Pemba Provincial Hospital.

“My dad is doing well,” Amanda is quoted by News24.

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Andre Hanekom rescued by Mozambican military

Although the reasons behind his abduction are not yet clear, it was previously said that the “kidnapping” was carried out by the members of the Mozambican army.

According to reports, this was due to alleged involvement in terrorism and the violent operation carried was carried out in an effort to arrest him.

However, Francis denied that her husband had any links to terrorism.

More recent reports suggest that it was actually the military who rescued him from his kidnappers.

Rattled but recovering

Francis told News24 that Hanekom was airlifted to the provincial hospital because the one he was in did not have adequate staff to deal with the extent of his injuries.

“The rural hospital only has a normal surgeon, who did a quick fix.

“But fortunately there have been no complications or damage to his internal organs. He is still very weak but he is eating and recovering.”

She also revealed that he is kept under police protection as his life might still be in danger.

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