Andre Hanekom

Francis and Andre Hanekom (Photo: Lowvelder)

“Abducted” SA father found alive in Mozambique

Hanekom is accused of terrorism and is under heavy military guard.

Andre Hanekom

Francis and Andre Hanekom (Photo: Lowvelder)

A man from Mpumalanga has found himself on the wrong side of Mozambican troops, Lowvelder reports.

Andre Hanekom owns the Marina in Palma, Mozambique and has lived in the country for over 26 years but, on Tuesday, he was reportedly chased down by four unknown men and shot several times before he was thrown into the back of their vehicle, which drove off with him.

“He ran to the Marula Hotel for safety,” his daughter Amanda Hanekom is quoted by the publication.

“Four men with Balaclavas drove through the security gate of the hotel and confronted Andre.”

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Andre Hanekom accused of terrorism

Recent reports suggest that the men in question are members of the Mozambican military and that Andre Hanekom was being arrested for links to terrorism, and not being abducted as was previously thought.

However, his wife Francis denied that her husband had any links to terrorism and said the whole thing was a ploy to take over his business;

“This is all lies against my husband so they can take over his businesses.”

Francis says she had initially feared that he had been killed, but was tipped about a man who fit Andre’s description who was wounded in a hospital in a town close to Palma.

“I found him in the hospital alive, but he is under military guard.”

Amanda said her mother had been prevented from seeing Andre but was assisted through the phone by a member of the South African embassy in Mozambique. She told News24 that he was currently in a bad state.

“He has lost a lot of blood. He was shot in the stomach and arm and his leg is broken. But he is receiving good care.”

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