ANC salaries Julius Malema Cyril Ramaphosa

Photo: GCIS

Malema taunts ‘imaginary billionaire’ Ramaphosa – as ANC fail to pay salaries again

September’s ANC salaries for party staff haven’t been paid – and Julius Malema has taken the opportunity to question Cyril Ramaphosa’s wealth.

ANC salaries Julius Malema Cyril Ramaphosa

Photo: GCIS

When there’s a government crisis, Julius Malema is never very far away. The EFF leader has lauded the bad news over Cyril Ramaphosa, after it was revealed that the ANC could not pay staff salaries for the month of September. The wage payments could be delayed for up to a week.

ANC fail to pay September salaries

The ANC’s General Manager Febe Potgieter had the unenviable task of informing staff members that their salaries would be delayed, with some unlikely to get paid until the end of next week. She has also told those affected to contact their banks, in order to rearrange any standing orders or payment agreements affected by this news.

“On behalf of the Treasurer General, this seeks to inform all ANC staff will, unfortunately, be paid after month’s end. However, no payment will be made later than 9 October. We urgently request staff to make the necessary payment arrangements with their banks, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Julius Malema snipes at Cyril Ramaphosa

However, this whole unsavoury episode has played right into the hands of Julius Malema and the EFF. Juju, never one to turn down an opportunity to get one over on President Ramaphosa, slammed the president for the situation. Malema made reference to Cyril’s alleged ‘billion-rand fortune’, claiming the riches were all ‘imaginary’:

ANC salaries – no wages for workers

Astonishingly, this is the fourth time in the past 10 months that the ANC has failed to pay its staff salaries on time. Despite finding the cash for a jet to Zimbabwe, scooter ambulances in the Eastern Cape, and severely-underused field hospitals, the party has not been able to stump up the funds to keep their employees going.

This turbulent time for the ANC and its workers has clashed with the devastating impact of a global pandemic. Economic shutdown and hard lockdown restrictions have made life difficult for pretty much everyone on these shores. Malema’s jibes at Ramaphosa aside, to go a week without pay is a scary situation indeed.