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ANC ‘sabotaging new Tshwane administration’ through illegal land grabs. Report

An investigation into a string of illegal land grabs has revealed that the ANC is ‘selling land’ for as little as R100 and encouraging land invasions throughout Tshwane.

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The City of Tshwane municipality is investigating claims that an ANC plot to destabilise the DA’s new administration is afoot, with several illegal land grabs reported throughout the municipality.

Soon after the DA took control of Tshwane back in August, land invasions have been reported in Fort West, Mamelodi East, Nellmapius, Ga-Rankuwa and Soshanguve.

The Times revealed that land in Nellmapius is being sold by the ANC Women’s League’s Salome Tau, for R100 a pop. A journo from The Times contacted Tau, who is the Nellmapius ANCWL treasurer, asking for land to build a shack on.

Tau told the reporter R100 and a shack will get them the land, near the N4 highway

“The plan is to join the other shacks that have been there for years … By the time they realise there are new shacks, the municipality will have a challenge evicting people. Take your shack and R100. We have people there who will show you where to erect your shack,” she told the reporter. When questioned by the same reporter later, however, Tau said she had no knowledge of any land invasion.

“I only went there to check what is happening and maybe people saw me there and thought I was part of it.” When asked about telling the reporter to take land, Tau denied it and said she was “misunderstood.”

The Times reports that their sources have identified at least nine ANC members – some of them currently serving in government positions – involved in the illegal land invasions. Another source within the party claims senior ANC members are taking money for selling land that they don’t even own.

“What is happening is a political game at the expense of poor people. The intention is to cause trouble for the new administration,” she said.

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