ANC Youth Day

A stock photo of the African National Congress flag Image: Twitter

‘Interim government must replace ANC until 2024’, says ex-deputy minister

Could you imagine three years without the ANC in charge – possibly more? One political stalwart is now banging the drum for an ‘interim government’.

ANC Youth Day

A stock photo of the African National Congress flag Image: Twitter

Bantu Holomisa has enjoyed a decorated career in South African politics, but his previous association with the ANC ensures that his criticism of the party carries a little more weight. The current UDM leader, and one-time deputy minister in Nelson Mandela’s government, has got a radical idea to hold the ruling party to account:

He wants them booted out of office for the next three years…

Replace the ANC government with an interim one? Holomisa says yes…

Over the weekend, Holomisa vented his fury about the current state of the ANC. Factional battles and widespread allegations of corruption have become the norm for the party in charge, and the 65-year-old is sick of it. In comments shared both on his Twitter page and with the media, Bantu proposed the most dramatic of all interventions.

“This implosion is going to affect us all. An interim government might save us from the comrades in corruption. They were not elected to loot the resources of the state – which is the reason for the current turmoil.”

“I propose that the ANC executive must leave their offices, hand over power to the Constitutional Court, and allow them to form an interim government between now and 2024. It would also give the ruling party the chance to go and self-correct outside of government. The ANC has messed up this country – it is time for them to leave!” | Bantu Holomisa

How would it work?

Getting ConCourt to form the next government ahead of a general election would be unprecedented. But then again, so is the ongoing soap opera within the ANC. Certain factions are threatening to lead a national shutdown, over the impending suspension of Ace Magashule. Coup plots and fiery showdowns have also plagued the Ramaphosa administration.

According to Holomisa’s blueprint, three years of a non-ANC government would allow both the country and the party a chance to ‘reset’ – and the future of South Africa would then be decided at the ballot boxes in 2024. It’s a very left-field proposal, but with the current state the government finds itself in, perhaps this idea isn’t the craziest one out there…