ANC nkandla jacob zuma

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ANC cancels NEC meeting to deploy members to Nkandla

The ANC has postponed its NEC meeting that was supposed sit over the weekend in order to control the situation in Nkandla.

ANC nkandla jacob zuma

Photo: Twitter

The African National Congress (ANC) has postponed its National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in order to control the situation in former President Zuma’s home in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal.

The meeting was supposed to start from Saturday 3 July until Monday, 5 July 20201.


In a statement released on Friday, the ANC said the new date for the meeting will be communicated in due course.

“In arriving at this decision the ANC were mindful of the situation developing in KwaZulu-Natal and the need for the party to give clear and principled leadership to ensure the maintenance of the rule of law and to avoid any violence, injury or loss of life.

“NEC members will be deployed to KZN and will work with the provincial leadership in this regard.”


The former statesman was found guilty of contempt of court for refusing to appear in the Zondo Commission. He was then sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by the Constitutional Court this week.

Since then, large convoys have been spotted at Nkandla. Hundreds of supporters have made their way to the village Jacob Zuma calls home. The sprawling homestead is now heaving with Msholozi’s die-hard fans, sparking a serious security concern. With gatherings banned at Level 4, the police will have a tough job of dispersing such fervent crowds.

Videos circulating on social media show masses chanting struggle songs (both men and women) and some men preparing their spears and shields. The MKMVA has also deployed its soldiers to guard and protect JZ.

The MKMVA held a media briefing on Friday at Nkandla where they threatened journalists with violence and gunshots were allegedly fired.

According to News24, Zuma’s eldest son, Edward Zuma went to the extent of threatening to burn one of the media vehicles parked outside the Nkandla homestead.

“I’m saying I don’t want this vehicle here. We are in a fighting spirit and will burn down this car if you don’t remove it now,” he said.

“We have warned that if President Zuma is going to be imprisoned that there will be instability and unrest in SA. If President Zuma continues to be targeted and sent to prison, our country will be torn apart and violence will be inevitable because of this. We have warned that the consequences of imprisoning Zuma will be dire for our nation.”