Chickens Youth Unemployment

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ANC pinning hopes on ‘chickens’ to tackle youth unemployment

This could be an egg-cellent idea – if the ANC don’t cluck it up, of course. Here’s why chickens are now seen as the key for easing youth unemployment.

Chickens Youth Unemployment

Photo: Unsplash

It seems like the ANC has plucked this one out of thin air, but their new youth unemployment masterplan shouldn’t ruffle too many feathers. During an online masterclass this week, Dr. Nkhane Baldwin Nengovhela – from the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development – encouraged young South Africans to get into ‘chicken farming’.

‘Have you tried working with chickens?’ – ANC’s career advice

The ANC government, in partnership with the South African Poultry Farmer’s and Supplier’s Association, hosted the Poultry Masterclass Webinar series this week. The information-sharing session on poultry farming highlighted the network of support available through government agencies and poultry associations to young farmers. 

The masterclass is part of series that the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) is hosting to promote entrepreneurship as a contributor to economic growth. Dr. Nengovhela said there’s still room for the country to grow the industry, and called on the youth of South Africa to ‘seriously consider’ getting into the industry.

“The poultry industry is one of the most advanced sectors in terms of farming in the world. I think all young people should consider it for farming. If you think of something called biotechnology, you can’t think of anything than a day-old chick that is raised for meat, or a layer that is raised to be able to lay an egg.” | Dr. Nkhane Baldwin Nengovhela

Can poultry farming help ease youth unemployment?

SA now producing additional one million broiled chickens per week. That’s because poultry farming fell under one of four master plans concocted by the Ramaphosa administration. With almost R1 billion ploughed into the industry, the flightless birds have become a precious commodity – and associated business opportunities are not to be clucked at…

“Four master plans have been completed and signed to date – which are part of the social compact between labour, business, government, and communities – have already had an impact in their respective industries. Through the implementation of the poultry master plan, the industry has invested R800 million to upgrade production significantly.”