ANC paints Gauteng Green, Blac

ANC paints Gauteng Green, Black and Gold – at taxpayer’s expense

All is fair in love and war – and apparently politics, as the ANC blurs party lines and province colours

ANC paints Gauteng Green, Blac


When it comes to election campaigns, no party is usually too proud to stay clear of playing dirty tricks in a bid to attract further votes. This is hardly headline news and shouldn’t alarm any electorate – especially not in a new democracy like South Africa. But when the ruling party tries blatantly to rebrand an entire province while using public funds, the game might look like it changes altogether.

A billboard campaign in Gauteng province caused a stir this week when the colour scheme used to advertise the province did not match Gauteng colours. The billboard ads in question are not ANC ads. They are meant to be ads for Gauteng Province and its alleged success story over the recent years. However, Gauteng traditionally sports silver and blue as its official colours as part of its iconic crest – not the green, black and gold colour combination that the current campaign decided to choose.

Gauteng colours
Can you spot the difference?

With silver and blue nowhere to be seen in the billboards but in the left-hand bottom corner of the ad with nothing but a small logo, the new campaign only managed to raise eyebrows among those who pay close enough attention – while subtly but firmly sending a pro-ANC message out to a captive electorate.

Paid for by the taxpayer, several of the controversial billboards appeared across Gauteng this week, possibly in reaction to the latest initiative by the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) to discredit the ANC on account of loadshedding and e-tolls earlier this year. With national and provincial elections merely three weeks away, the ANC is pulling no punches, it would appear.

By Sertan Sanderson, 2014