Men allegedly ANC members are caught drunk with food parcels

Image via: @AdvoBarryRoux / Twitter

Watch: Alleged ANC officials found drunk transporting food parcels

Men who appear to be drunk in a car with food parcels are alleged to be ANC officials. Images and videos are circulating on social media.

Men allegedly ANC members are caught drunk with food parcels

Image via: @AdvoBarryRoux / Twitter

Images and video footage of two men who appear to be drunk in a BMW, transporting food parcels, have been making the rounds on social media. The men are also alleged to be members of the African National Congress (ANC). According to police, the duo were arrested after being found in Kliprivier Road in Johannesburg on 18 April.

South Africa is currently under lockdown, which means nobody should be out on the street unless they’re providing an essential service, buying groceries or medicine or collecting a social grant. It’s safe to say that those few who are permitted to be on the road should definitely not be intoxicated.

There has also been controversy surrounding food parcels and social relief during the lockdown. The corruption surrounding government’s feeding scheme has been condemned by President Cyril Ramaphosa himself. 

If what appears to be taking place, based on the images and videos, is true, it’s not a good look; especially not for members of the ruling ANC.


In the video, a man can be heard screaming from inside of a police van. A female voice, most likely a police officer, can be heard speaking about the incident. 

The man can be heard screaming that there’s “no charge”. The female voice, alleged to be police officer, says the following: 

“This person was driving a BMW, a very expensive BMW. Inside the boot, there are food parcels. Where is he taking those food parcels? People are starving out there. He’s drunk, drinking 18-year-old Glenfiddich [whisky] in the car.” 

The man in the police van can be heard calling the police officer extremely offensive names as well. The police officer says the man is an ANC member.

The images show an occupant in the driver’s seat, practically passed-out with a glass in his hand. He is wearing what appears to be an ANC shirt. There also appears to be face masks in a packet next to him. 

Another man can be seen in the passenger seat wearing a white cap and a jacket. A bottle of Glenfiddich can be seen on the passenger seat while someone is holding up two identification cards that were hanging on the middle mirror. The identification is unclear but appears to reference ANC event accreditation. 

There is also an image of food parcels in the boot. A bag of maize meal, Tastic rice and other items can be seen. 

Police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo confirmed the incident at on Thursday 7 May:

“JMPD officers found a BMW stationary in the middle of Kliprivier Road before midnight on Saturday 18 April 2020 with the engine running. Officers had to wake both up and the driver became abusive. Officers found a liquor bottle inside the car.”

Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo

“He was arrested for drunk driving, then then damaged the windows of the JMPD vehicle. He was also charged for malicious damage to property and contravention of COVID-19 regulations. The passenger was also arrested and charged contravention of COVID-19 regulations for being out on a public road at night.”

Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo


ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe released a video on Twitter addressing alleged lockdown transgressions, misinformation and allegations of food security. 

He said the following: 

“The African National Congress [ANC] has noted with great concern growing patterns of misinformation within some sections of the media, trying hard to divert society’s attention.” 

Mabe said the Rapport newspaper put together a headline which serves only to pull apart the country. He said the headline was devoid of the truth. 

“We urge the newspaper and its editorial collective to be loyal to the truth for the sake of their own integrity,” said Mabe.

“The ANC has noted allegations of isolated incidents involving its members in corrupt practices around the distribution of food parcels. We also note the good work done by our councillors and public representatives including our structures to serve communities often under strain and at the risk of their own lives,” he added. 

Mabe said structures of the ANC throughout the length and breadth of the country are acting with the necessary speed to attend to all forms of allegations around lockdown transgressions brought against members. 

When The South African contacted the ANC’s Mabe for comment on the above-mentioned incident, he did not respond.