ANC mayor treats himself to a

ANC mayor treats himself to a R1 million Mercedes Benz

When your municipality spends just 27% of its budget on service delivery, there’s a lot of spare cash lying around to buy luxury cars.

ANC mayor treats himself to a

According to the DA, the mayor of Molemole – yeah, never heard of it either – spoiled himself with a brand new Mercedes Benz GLE, at a cost of around R1 million.

Now, while the ANC Youth League recently fought for ANC members’ right to buy luxury cars with tax money, this oke really shouldn’t be spending that much money.

His town only has about 100 000 people and the municipality only spends about 27% of its budget on helping the people… one of Molemole’s largest expenses is, wait for it… salaries.

“National Treasury requires Municipalities to spend upwards of 60% of their budgets on service delivery, but Molemole falls enormously short of this,” the DA said.

“To make matters worse, the Mayor is about to be assigned a private driver to chauffeur him around in his luxury Mercedes 4×4, all at public expense. The process of employing new drivers will be discussed in the next council sitting.”

 “The ANC-led municipality continues to put ANC cadre’s self-interest and luxury comforts first before the interests of the residents of Molemole,” the DA said.

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