ANC benefitted from Prasa ‘bri

ANC benefitted from Prasa ‘bribes’, Popo Molefe

Prasa chairperson Popo Molefe has implicated the ANC in the infamous locomotive deal that saw millions lost and billions misappropriated.

ANC benefitted from Prasa ‘bri

Ok, remember earlier this week when reports emerged that transport minister Dipuo Peters tried to squash an internal investigation at the Passenger Rail Agency (Prasa)? Well, some pretty damn serious claims made by Prasa’s current chairperson implicates the ANC in a moerse scandal.

Popo Molefe has alleged – under oath mind you – that the ANC benefitted from Prasa’s infamous locomotive deal – remember, the locomotives from Spain who only spoke Spanish and who couldn’t fit on South Africa’s rail infrastructure, but were bought anyway under the recommendation of Prasa’s head of engineering who lied about being an engineer and was covered up by them Prasa head Lucky Montana who claimed it’s all a ploy by white people to make black people look dumb – after the supplier of the Afro4000 locomotives paid R80 million to “entities who were not creditors” of Prasa, adding that an Angolan businesswoman had insisted that 10% of the Afro4000 deal be paid to the ANC.

And if that didn’t make your head spin, News24 reports that said Angolan businesswoman, Maria Gomes, lives in Sandton and claims she’s buddies with Jacob Zuma, who often visits her at her home.

Ok folks, deep breath.

Molefe filed an affidavit implicating the ANC, Zuma and Gomes and said that his allegations stem from a meeting he had with Auswell Mashaba of Swifambo Rail Leasing – who initially wanted the Afro4000 deal with Prasa set aside – who met with Molefe following the news about the locomotives not being suited to our railways.

“Mr Mashaba informed us that . . . he had been in contact with a Maria Gomes . . . Ms Gomes told Mr Mashaba that she wanted money for the ‘movement’. Ms Gomes also told him that she knew the bid to supply locomotives to Prasa was worth billions and she could not understand why ten percent of the value of the bid could not be paid to the African National Congress. Ms Gomes was insistent that money should go to the movement,” Molefe’s affidavit says.

It added that Mashaba made a total of R80 million in payments to Similex, of which Gomes is a director as well as to a business partner of one of Jacob Zuma’s sons, George Sabelo.

In addition to Molefe’s affidavit, emails between then Prasa CEO Lucky Montana and Mrs Gomes, were also attached as evidence.

“The first alarming feature of this correspondence is the familiarity between Ms Gomes and Mr Montana. For instance, they refer to each other as ‘comrades’,” Molefe’s affidavit read.

The papers also show that Montana had given Gomes inside info on other Prasa contracts and that another businessman had told Montana to pay some Prasa money into specified accounts.

“Mr Mashaba was insistent that he did not know the identity of the beneficiaries and he was merely informed that the money would ‘benefit the movement’.”

The ANC says it has no knowledge of any payments from Similex.

“The ANC is not aware of any such donation from the said company,” ANC spokesperson Khusela Sangoni said.

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