Youth empowerment

A Youth Outreach event will be held in the North West. Image: File photo

ANC bans ‘hateful’ journalist from party’s 104th anniversary celebrations

Ok so Carien du Plessis is no stranger to controversy, but this time she’s attracted the scorn of not only her enemies, but the Twitterverse as well… like pretty much everyone else this week.

Youth empowerment

A Youth Outreach event will be held in the North West. Image: File photo

The ruling party has decided to ban journalist Carien du Plessis from attending their 104th birthday celebrations this weekend after her tweet labelling people attending the event as “pantypreneurs and tenderpreneurs.”

“If she applies to come to this event we have taken a decision that she will not attend any of the ANC events. With immediate effect we have withdrawn her accreditation if she did apply,” the party’s Zizi Kodwa said.

“We will take action against her because we think it is unfortunate for a person who comes from such a profession to make such remarks, but it means within the media there are racists like her who harbour hatred towards black people [and the ANC].”

Yesterday morning Du Plessis took a photo of the News Cafe in Rustenburg with the caption “Seems Rusty News Cafe will be a choice hangout for pantypreneurs and tenderpreneurs at this weekend’s #ANC104 bash.”

Folks weren’t all that happy with the term “pantypreneur” which could refer to women who use sex to gain favour with the political elite.

Kodwa accused Du Plessis of being a racist – the favourite term used by almost all locals over the last week – as most of the people attending the event are black.

“It does not only undermine, but dehumanises women particularly those who attend… ANC events and majority of them are black and therefore her remarks are racist.

“We take offence to such derogatory and racist remarks… She has never said these things about women who attend DA events.”

She did apologise publicly, after a massive social media outcry, but it seems the damage has been done.

Here are some of the best examples of the Twitter shitstorm that ensued after her comment: