ANC alliance takes aim at pres

ANC alliance takes aim at press freedom again

It would appear as if the tripartite alliance and specifically the SACP – go figure – wants to have another go at regulating the media.

ANC alliance takes aim at pres

Did they not learn their lesson the first couple of times? Remember the Right2Know campaign and the hell almost every citizen gave them for the secrecy bill and proposed media tribunal?

Well, they’re again pushing for the establishment of an independent body – lol – to regulate the media as they believe that current measures aren’t sufficient. Now look, if you don’t want to be reported on negatively, stop causing kak.

Back in 2012 the ANC – at Mangaung – decided that they wanted the media regulated, because… well, people are seeing too much of their blunders and it’s costing them votes. This never happened, but they’re still keen on it.

According to IOL, communications minister Faith Muthambi earlier this year suggested that we take another look at a media appeals tribunal, which no doubt inspired the Communist Party – communism of course being famous for freedom of the press, speech and honouring human rights – to take aim at the media yet again.

The SACP, in a recent document,  believes that the South African media is engaged in a “liberal anti-majoritarian offensive against the ANC, its alliance partners and the government”.

The same document reads: “Recommendations were made to challenge the Naspers monopoly of pay TV and to intensify the struggle for independent regulation as opposed to self-regulation of private print and electronic media.”


“Consideration should also be given to forming a broad coalition of the progressive forces that stand for the transformation of the media for a democratic South Africa, and further to expose the anti-majoritarian agenda of most media.”

Blade Nzimande, minister of ‘higher’ education and fervent communist also took aim at digital media.

 “You cannot tolerate online what you cannot tolerate on your print edition. This is part of the agenda that we are calling the anti-majoritarian liberal offensive, which has now taken the form of a regime change agenda.”