Steve Hofmeyr AfriForum MTN

Photo: Steve Hofmeyr / Twitter

AfriForum throw their weight behind Steve Hofmeyr in MTN dispute

A storm is brewing: AfriForum are vowing to take action against MTN, after the company pulled their sponsorship of a festival featuring Steve Hofmeyr.

Steve Hofmeyr AfriForum MTN

Photo: Steve Hofmeyr / Twitter

Afrikaner-rights group AfriForum have lashed out at telecommunication giants MTN after the company decided to pull their sponsorship from a festival which features Steve Hofmeyr on the bill.

Who is Steve Hofmeyr?

Hofmeyr has come under fire in the press and on social media for his outspoken views on race and race relations in South Africa. In 2011, he released a tribute song to Eugene Terre’blanche. Included in the lyrics was the k-word.

The musician also has an outspoken affinity for sharing photos of the old South African flag, and that incident from 2014 when Hofmeyr said: “blacks were the architects of apartheid.”

AfriForum vs MTN

After a mass public outcry – including staunch opposition from Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi – MTN decided to withdraw their sponsorship from the Afrikaans is Groot show at Grand West in Cape Town.

Deputy CEO of AfriForum Ernst Roets is far from happy with these developments and blasted the company for making a “racist” decision. He states that MTN continues to sponsor ANC and EFF events, which – in his eyes – is tantamount to supporting the party’s views:

“The ANC threatened that white farmers’ land would be forcefully taken away if they did not willingly hand it over to black people and the EFF incites crime against people based on their race. Both parties are also guilty of hate speech against minorities. As it were, MTN admits with this step that they condone the ANC and EFF’s racism,”

Ernst Roets

What happens next?

AfriForum has now lodged a dispute with MTN, but it is unclear what route they are actually taking. There’s a petition to support their cause on the official website, which is also taking SMS submissions.

Some of the big names still sponsoring the festival include Toyota and Coca Cola. Afrikaans is Groote remains resolute in its defence of Steve Hofmeyr, deciding to keep his name on the bill despite the widespread criticism.