Ireland's visa restrictions botswana

Ireland’s visa restrictions botswana
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Will Botswana place visa restrictions on Ireland?

It is yet to be seen whether Botswana will impose entry requirements for Ireland after it placed visa restrictions on the African nation.

Ireland's visa restrictions botswana

Ireland’s visa restrictions botswana
Image via Pixabay

It remains to be seen whether Botswana will impose visa restrictions on Irish nationals visiting that country.

In May Botswana’s neighbour, Namibia, said it will place visa restrictions on numerous nations. Will Botswana follow this route?


On 8 July, Ireland announced that two nations, Botswana (and South Africa), had abruptly been removed from its list of nations enjoying visa-free entry status.

The Journal states that Botswana passport holders are now subject to visa requirements. The restriction comes into place on Wednesday 10 July.

Ireland’s Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee also said that transit visas will also be required. This is if Botswana passport holders intend to transit through Ireland to reach other destinations.

Transitional arrangements will now be put in place for nationals of Botswana who have existing arrangements to travel to the State until 9 August. 


The scrapping of visa-free travel for Botswana nationals comes due to alleged abuse of the arrangement by individuals entering Ireland seeking protection. 

The Irish Times says the decision was made due to what the Irish Department of Justice has described as “a significant number of international protection applications” being received from nationals of Botswana and South Africa.

Furthermore, Ireland claims that the introduction of the visa requirement is aimed at bringing Ireland in closer alignment with the entry requirements for the Schengen Area and the United Kingdom.

Unlike South African nationals, Botswana passport holders do not require visas for entry to the United Kingdom. However, they do require visas for visits to the Schengen Area.


Ireland warned that it would be reviewing visa-free entry for South African passport holders in April this year.

This was in light of the number of individuals carrying South African passports turning up in Ireland, to seek asylum.   


The decision to impose visa restrictions on South Africa has evoked a strong response from South Africans.

Parliament’s media liaison officer, Chrispin Phiri, has said that South Africa is addressing concerns with Ireland.


It remains to be seen how Botswana will respond to Ireland’s visa restrictions since its visa-free entry status has abruptly been terminated.

Botswana’s neighbour, Namibia announced in May that it would implement visa restrictions for countries that require visas for its citizens.

Namibia is currently removing visa-free entry arrangements for over 30 nationalities in a move to improve parity and justice.

Ireland is listed as one of the countries that will require visas for entry to Namibia.   

Should Botswana place visa restrictions on Ireland?

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