Sierra Leone miner Chinese 12

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Chinese mine boss in Sierra Leone sacked – after trying to STAB worker

A Chinese safety officer at a mining operation in Sierra Leone lost his job this week, after chasing an employee and brandishing a large, sharp pole.

Sierra Leone miner Chinese 12

Photo: Twitter

Tensions at the Tonkolili Mine in Sierra Leone reached boiling point this week, after a Chinese project manager clashed with the local workforce in the Northern Province. A blazing argument immediately turned physical, and it culminated with the safety officer trying to impale one employee with a large stick.

‘It is on record!’ – Chaos erupts at Sierra Leone mine

The bizarre incident has exposed the conflict at play between the Chinese influence in Sierra Leone, and local attitudes towards major foreign businesses operating within the country. This particular fight was allegedly sparked by a disagreement about a training exercise, which was cutting into the workers’ scheduled work day.

The Chinese official then flew off the handle, slapping a clipboard out of a foreman’s hands. The worker didn’t take too kindly to the disrespect on show, and pushed the project manager away. He eventually comes back into shot, armed with a long pole, and attempts to stab the Sierra Leone national with it. All hell then broke loose at the mining site.

Watch: Chinese safety boss fights worker in Sierra Leone

Chinese group fires representative for ‘unacceptable conduct’

Thankfully, the situation came to a rather calm conclusion. The enraged Chinese official manages to clear the red mist, and it dawns on him that the whole ugly exchange has been caught on camera. Indeed, this was integral to how the China Railway Seventh Group would handle their hot-headed representative – and he was duly fired.

“The conflict between a Chinese CRSG member and a Sierra Leone worker at the Tonkolili Mine was an unexpected and isolated case. The management is of the view that the behaviour shown by the Chinese national in the video is unacceptable and wrong, no matter the cause. We have decided to relieve the official of his duties.”

However, the CRSG aren’t taking full responsibility for the altercation. They state that a previous off-camera scuffle had provoked their employee, and they even went as far as to deny there was an attempted stabbing – despite it being the clearest incident on the video. Operations at the Tonkolili Mine have since resumed.