maesiah thabane

Lesotho: Public outraged after Maesiah Thabane gets bail

Maesiah Thabane appeared in a Lesotho court on Wednesday, to enter her plea and apply for bail.

maesiah thabane

Maesiah Thabane, the wife of Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane, has been released on bail after spending two days in police custody.

This has not sat well with the Basotho people who firmly believe that Maesiah Thabane had something to do with the ruthless killing of the prime minister’s estranged wife Lipolelo, in 2017.

Maesiah Thabane at the centre of murder investigation

Shortly before Lipolelo’s death, she and Prime Minister Thabane were involved in a bitter divorce dispute. This was not a great juncture for Thabane who, at the time, was preparing to be inaugurated as the leader of Lesotho’s government.

Two days prior to the auspicious occasion, in June 2017, Lipolelo was gunned down outside of her home in Maseru. A friend she was with was also struck by the bullet but fortunately, she survived the ordeal.

For a couple of years, the case went cold. However, new evidence obtained in January placed Maesiah Thabane and the prime minister at the centre of the murder investigation.

As reported by AFP, a letter from Holomo Molibeli, Lesotho’s police commissioner, to the prime minister confirmed that there are communication records showing that a call was made from the scene of Lipolelo’s murder to Thabane and that the prime minister, indeed, picked it up and spoke to the person on the other end of the line.

However, at this time, this crucial information has not yet been tested and Thabane has refused to divulge any information about the evidence presented to him.

Instead, the prime minister agreed to step down at a date not yet disclosed.

Social media reacts to bail approval for first lady

Maesiah Thabane appeared in a Lesotho court on Wednesday, to enter her plea and apply for bail. Seeing that she had gone in hiding after she was pronounced a person of interest in the murder investigation, police tried to have her remanded in custody until the commencement of the trial.

However, as reported by EWN, these facts were cast aside acting Chief Justice Maseforo Mahase who granted the first lady bail. Maesiah is expected back in court in two weeks.

This is how social media reacted to the court outcomes: