Malawi diplomats expelled in SA for selling tax free alcohol

Image: Twitter/ @faceofmalawi

Brave to the grave: Malawi bar owner dead after gulping 10 bottles of gin in one go

The deal was that if the pub owner was successful, the customers watching would would foot the resultant bill.

Malawi diplomats expelled in SA for selling tax free alcohol

Image: Twitter/ @faceofmalawi

A 28-year-old man died in Kasungu, central Malawi, after drinking 10 bottles of spirit alcohol in a competition, Malawi media reported.

The man identified by the police as Brave Banda, who owned a bar in the Kamphungu Trading Centre, allegedly challenged customers in his pub on Thursday that he could drink, in succession, 10 bottles of a gin containing 43% alcohol.

He reportedly told onlookers that if he succeed in drinking the bottles, those watching would settle the bill, Zodiak Online reported.

The news was greeted with sarcastic comments on social media.

One Facebook user, Glyn Nyasulu, commented: “Ten bottles of gin spirits took Brave man to the grave, drinking under the influence of ignorance.”

Peter Namphande said the deceased had accomplished his goal.

“May the soul of this champion rest in peace. He died after accomplishing the agreed 10 bottles. The rest is left to the Police to ensure that the customers foot the bill.”

“Dead on duty..brave man ..he deserve military funeral service,” said another.

Ten too much

Banda started drinking the beer but after the tenth bottle he fainted.

News website Malawi24 he was rushed to Kamboni Health Centre, where he died whilst receiving treatment.

A post-mortem conducted revealed the cause of death as due to hypoglycaemia.

In September, an 11-year-old boy died during the final stage of a beer drinking competition.