water generator

South Africa’s ministers – who draw a salary of between R2 million and R2.5 million a year – do not have to pay for water and electricity. Image Supplied

5 Reasons Every Household should have a Generator

(Partner Content) South Africans have become familiar with frequent breaks in the power supply because of rolling blackouts, also commonly referred to as “load-shedding”. Even though it has become a part of daily life, it is still an inconvenience to many households who rely on reliable power supply from utility companies.

water generator

South Africa’s ministers – who draw a salary of between R2 million and R2.5 million a year – do not have to pay for water and electricity. Image Supplied

The one cost-effective and convenient solution to this problem is a generator. Portable generators can help households function by ensuring that there is a reliable power supply to run appliances such as geysers, stoves, refrigerators, and others.

There are many standby generators to choose from, depending on the individual needs of each household, giving families a wide range of options to suit every budget.

There are many reasons why each household needs a generator, and we will explore this in the sections below.

Easy and quick setup

When using a portable generator, it means that they can be moved anywhere where they are needed without effort. They can be stored easily and they do not take up a significant amount of space. 

Most generators can also be programmed to start up automatically once the power supply from an electric company stops. There are also a wide variety of generators that run silently and do not use a significant amount of fuel, and there are also generators that use power generated by solar panels, allowing the being to become more off the grid.

Food Preservation

Refrigeration is one of the main reasons why more people are investing in portable generators for their homes. Apart from having to worry about load-shedding, there are many households, especially in rural areas, which have issues with reliable power supply and subsequently sit without power for days on end.

For this reason, backup generators have gained popularity in many of these areas, especially in recent years.

Water sources that rely on power

Many people make use of well water or a borehole for the provision of fresh water. This requires electricity for pumps to run, which may be an issue to households who use this, especially those who are in remote areas, or who face long periods without electricity.

A backup generator, or one that works with power supplied by solar power, is the perfect solution to ensure the consistent provision of freshwater.

To ensure continued home business operation

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have started working from home and many people run their businesses from home. Some equipment such as laptops have a battery as a backup source of power, but there may be others such as modems, printers, scanners, and others who need consistent power.

In cases such as these, power generators offer a cost-effective and viable solution to ensure that operations are not disrupted.

Electrical Medical device functionality

Many households have family members who are dependent on electrical medical devices that need a reliable power source. 

To ensure that the health of people is not compromised, families have peace of mind in using generators to ensure that all electrical medical devices can function despite power dips and load-shedding.