Ace Magashule ANC NEC

Photo: ANC / Twitter

Magashule speaks out after being removed from ANC NEC meeting

“My appeal was noted, I’m still the secretary-general of the ANC”, Ace Magashule said on Saturday.

Ace Magashule ANC NEC

Photo: ANC / Twitter

African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Ace Magashule on Saturday explained to Eyewitness News journalist Tshidi Madia why he was booted from the party’s virtual NEC meeting.

While the impact of his removal from the virtual NEC meeting is not yet clear, Magashule confirmed to reporters that he was indeed removed. However, the suspended SG claimed that he had convened the meeting.

Magashule’s suspension

Booted from ANC NEC meeting

The NEC was convened to discuss the party’s step-aside resolution, as well as the appeals process for members implicated by the policy and Magashule’s refusal to follow the party’s instruction.

Magashule – who was dealt a temporary suspension earlier this week – was removed from the party’s National Executive Committee [NEC] meeting when members of the meeting saw him on the Zoom call.

When asked how he could have been removed from the meeting when he was the one who reportedly convened the gathering, Magashule said, “let’s leave it there; that’s what happened, but I’m still secretary-general”.

Magashule still ‘active in the ANC’

Magashule said “branches, provinces and the general public of South Africa” must understand that he’s still active in the ANC, but said, “let’s leave the organisation to take whatever decision they take”.

“I was taken out of the meeting. For one hour and twenty minutes, I was in the meeting, and there was a discussion. The MEC noted my appeal and said now that I’ve appealed, there are certain processes that must still take place. Therefore, I was taken out of the meeting on Zoom. But my appeal was noted, I’m still the secretary-general of the ANC”.

He confirmed that he’ll still be calling media briefings and operating as the engine of the political party.

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