A world first: Audi generates

A world first: Audi generates useable fuel using just water and Co2

Audi has successfully harnessed renewable energy to produce a sulphur-free ‘e-diesel’ with a very low environmental footprint.

A world first: Audi generates

Now, while Audi has admitted that this is by no means the first time this process has been used – it’s actually been in use since the 20s –, they are adamant that their way is unique.

After just four months, the car company produced what they call ‘blue crude’, a liquid composed of long-chain hydrocarbon compounds that look and act a lot like our current fuel sources. Blue crude, however, burns almost completely clean.

The fuel is made using wind or solar power, meaning it’s up to 70% more efficient and sustainable than current methods.

According to a report by IFLscience, energy is then used to heat water to temperatures in excess of 800oC (1472oF). The steam is then broken down into oxygen and hydrogen through high temperature electrolysis, a process where an electric current is passed through a solution. The hydrogen is then removed and mixed with carbon monoxide under high heat and pressure, creating a hydrocarbon product they’re calling blue crude.

Oh and the coolest thing about this fuel is that it can be used as is to power cars, without having to refit current vehicles with new combustion parts.