The break helps the koppie recover from foot traffic and preserves food sources for local wildlife. Image: Flickr

A popular Johannesburg hiking trail has been closed

A koppie trail in the north of Johannesburg, known for its natural beauty and scenic views, has been closed for the winter months.


The break helps the koppie recover from foot traffic and preserves food sources for local wildlife. Image: Flickr

Hikers and nature lovers planning to explore the scenic Lonehill Koppie will have wait until next season to climb its summit. The beloved Johannesburg hiking trail closed on 6 May for the winter months, and will re-open on 7 September.

This seasonal closure allows the koppie to recover from the heavy foot traffic it experiences during summer.

Hiking trails and biodiversity

The break also helps preserve food sources for local wildlife, including dassies, reptiles, birds and insects, ensuring the nature reserve’s ecosystem remains balanced and allows the wildlife to thrive, undisturbed, in their natural habitat.

“We assess the walking paths and carry out required maintenance on the bush, veld, woody plants, and trees during this time,” Lonehill Residents Association environment manager, Nadeem Abrahams, told the Fourways Review.

“We also take this opportunity to remove invasive plant species. The Green Team works extensively during the winter months on the koppie to ensure its ecosystem is healthy and strong enough to re-open in spring.”

Famous willow tree

The provincial heritage resources authority has given the Association permission to protect the Koppie and hiking trail.

The association also seeks community support for ongoing conservation efforts, particularly after an iconic willow tree at Lonehill dam blew over in a rainstorm in April.

“Thousands of residents and visitors to the Lonehill Park and restaurants have taken photographs of the Lonehill Koppie with the famous willow tree in the forefront which was always full of white egrets and herons nesting,” Abrahams added.

“We were all a bit sad and concerned about the birds and their nests but as the days passed, we noticed that they remained in the tree and living life as if it never toppled over.”

Abrahams encouraged residents of Lonehill, Beverley, and Pineslopes to consider donating to the Lonehill Community Improvement Initiative, either through one-time contributions or monthly debit orders. For more details, residents can contact 011 465 9196.

Pickpockets tormenting visitors on Signal Hill arrested

Meanwhile in Cape Town, hiking trail enthusiasts and visitors on Signal Hill can rest a little easier after SANParks confirmed the arrest of four individuals linked with pickpocketing in the area.

A focused operation by the Sea, Air, and Mountain (SEAM) team led to the successful arrest of four individuals who were posing as Park visitors.

The suspects were closely monitored during the stake-out for several hours, until they tried to steal a cell phone from one of the Park visitors.

The SEAM Team members reacted swiftly and swooped in on all four pickpockets while they were attempting to flee.