A PHD at 23, that’s one smart

A PHD at 23, that’s one smart kid!

He matriculated at the age when most of us are just getting to grips with puberty, now he’s Wits University’s youngest PHD student ever.

A PHD at 23, that’s one smart

According to a piece from the Wits Vuvuzela – what’s in a name, really – Previn Naicker isn’t just a varsity anomaly; he skipped three grades in High School as well, matriculating at the tender age of 14.

Now, you might be thinking he studied some odd-mark subject in the Humanities faculty – if he did, he’d be burning statues, not getting a PHD, let’s be honest –, but Previn got his doctorate in Biochemistry and currently holds a position as postdoctoral researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria

Oh and, just in case you’re not already doubting your own self-worth, he took a gap year in between… a gap year.