full moon

You will be able to see a blue moon this year. Image: Pixabay

A list of full moons this year – including a BLUE MOON

Here is a list of when you will see full moons this year, from pink moons to worm moons, and a very rare treat – a blue moon!

full moon

You will be able to see a blue moon this year. Image: Pixabay

The casual stargazer will be able to witness the next full moon this Thursday, 6 April, according to space.com.

Even though it will be at its peak on this day, it will still appear full the night before and after.

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There are various types of moons

The April full moon is known as the Pink Moon, named after the bloom of the ground phlox – a pink flower that is commonly found in North America.

Other names include the Sprouting Grass, the Egg, and the Fish.

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This occurs approximately once a month, but it is not always perfectly full.

This is due to the rotation, which means that we always see the same side of the moon, but part of it is in shadow.

The moon is only 100% full when the moon, Earth, and sun are perfectly aligned, which can result in a lunar eclipse.

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Mark these down on your calendars

Here is a list for this year.

  • 6 April – Pink
  • 5 May – Flower
  • 3 June – Strawberry
  • 3 July – Buck
  • 1 August – Sturgeon
  • 30 August – Blue
  • 29 September – Harvest
  • 28 October – Hunter’s
  • 27 November – Beaver
  • 26 December – Cold