A giant South African flag, vi

A giant South African flag, visible from space you say?

Graaff Reinet is to host South Africa’s Big Flag. A 66 hectare flag encompassing everything from a power plant to the world’s largest succulent garden. If this doesn’t fill you with pride…

A giant South African flag, vi

Imagine yourself as an astronaut, well, let’s call you an Afronaut; you’re re-entering the atmosphere and as you look down on our fair nation, you start seeing the outline of the South African flag. At first it seems painted on, but on close inspection it quickly becomes clear that around 2.5 million indigenous succulents make up our beautiful colours.

This is The Giant Flag initiative. Comprising a conference and tourism precinct as well as a 4 megawatt solar panel field, the project ‘Giant Flag’, takes its name from its most inspired element – a 66 hectare South African flag made up of 2.5 million coloured desert plants. The project aims at producing 4 megawatts of electricity to sell back to the grid and estimates that it will create more than 700 jobs in the Camdeboo region of the Karoo, close to Graaff Reinet, one of the oldest settlements in South Africa.

If inspiration is what you’re looking for, take a look at this. We dare you not to swell with pride.