A R5 million house: pics from

A R5 million house: pics from around the world

What would life look like in a different city?

A R5 million house: pics from

With South Africans increasingly jet-setting around the world, it’s interesting to see what kind of home our Randelas could buy in London or Dubai, Seoul or Soweto. Here’s a look at what R5 million is worth around the globe.


With the majority of South African expats in the UK, many look into property in London. R5 million might inspire thoughts of Camps Bay sea views, but the same capital in London will probably buy a mere portion of a Hitherfield house.

London flat

Half a house, to be precise. £300, 000 gets you this one bedroom flat on the top floor in Hitherfield, South London.

Down Under

If you’ve got your eyes on a warmer climate, you could always join the second-largest expat community in Australia.


AUD 480, 000 will get you a two-bedroom house in Perth, and the assurance that you’re not thousands of miles from a stick of biltong or a homesick importer of Amarula. The gees is strong that side.

Middle East

For a drier, more surreal life in a simulacrum-come-amusement park, you could purchase a piece of the good life in Dubai.


AED 1,720,253 buys you a double story villa in Falconcity, an upcoming estate that will include shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, health clubs and spas, and schools and parks. If you’d like life-size replicas of the seven wonders of the world as garden gnomes, this might be the buy for you.

Another middle-eastern city loved by Saffas, Muscat is home to great beaches and better salaries.


This three bedroom townhouse will set you back OMR 200, 000. There’s a patio garden to scratch any itch you have to braai, if you can stand to be outside on 35 degree summer nights.

Far East

Keen to join the Saffas in the East? A burgeoning expat group means there’s a community to join, though most stay only a year or two. If you find yourself falling in love with Korea’s four seasons, you might want to invest in property in one of its growing cities.


This apartment in Seoul will cost KRW 481,805,184. Rooftop greens are the best you could hope for, but it does come fully furnished.

If international property prices have gotten you thoroughly depressed, you may want to put your money where your mamma’s cooking is. Let’s take a look at what R5 million buys you in SA.

South Africa


This four-bedroom home in Durban costs R4,5 million. There will be tropical summers, monkeys and excellent bunny chow. There may also be wood borer.


Three bedrooms in Cape Town, wine tasting on the weekends and a short drive to either mountain or sea. R5 million and it’s all yours.

soweto 2

This house in Jo’burg has four bedrooms, a pyjama lounge, study, off-street parking and a garden. The Soweto home sneaked onto this list at R1,35 million. Want to see a R5 million house in Jozi? Cast your eyes northwards.  

Lost all hope?

Most of us will never own the likes of a R5 million home, whether in SA or abroad. But if you’re outgrowing life in your urban share-house and a move to Soweto isn’t on the cards, you could escape to a nomadic home on a houseboat.

Thames boat

This boat on the Thames at Twickenham costs £138,500 – and you’ll never have another argument about the dishes.