A DA supporter has been attack

A DA supporter has been attacked and had to be escorted to safety by police [video]

It’s possible that the man was lost.

A DA supporter has been attack

Things are extremely tense around Luthuli House. Earlier today, three silent protesters were escorted to safety by the MK Vets after they were attacked for carrying a banner that said: “you must be joking”.  Pro-Zuma protesters said that the silent protesters were being provocative which is why they attacked.

Also close to Luthuli House, police opened fire with rubber bullets and now, a DA supporter has been attacked, allegedly by people wearing ANC regalia.

The exact details are sketchy and what exactly the man was doing at Beyers Naude is not clear.

The Daily Maverick reported that the police stepped in to rescue the man, adding: “Bricks thrown at police van as they bundled the injured DA supporter in, but they managed to get away. No confirmation, but from here it looked like the DA supporter didn’t know his way around town and found himself in the wrong place. He was spotted about a block from Luthuli and chased at speed.”