Athol Trollip

Mmusi Maimane cuts the ribbon outside Nkululeko House, alongside PE Mayor Athol Trollip

2019 Elections: DA make their first move to woo Gauteng voters

Could a new campaign HQ go towards winning over the electorate?

Athol Trollip

Mmusi Maimane cuts the ribbon outside Nkululeko House, alongside PE Mayor Athol Trollip

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has officially moved their headquarters to Gauteng, ahead of their campaign for the 2019 elections.

Nkululeko House (Freedom House) will be the heart of the party’s electoral strategy in the run-up to next year’s general election. They made the shift to Gauteng in a bid to wrestle complete control of the city away from the ANC.

Where is Nkululeko House?

Based in the Gardens area of Cape Town for the last 18 years, the opposition decided to move their operations to Bruma, Johannesburg.

Little over 20 months ago, the DA stunned the ruling party by winning the local metro elections and taking control of Johannesburg. Now, they’re looking at the bigger picture.

The ANC held on to Gauteng in the 2014 election by just 3% of the vote. As Mmusi Maimane confirmed earlier on Wednesday, they have made the bold move in order to  “intensify the battle for victory in this province”:

“As a growing party now governing for over 16 million South Africans, our strategic footprint requires expansion. Indeed, the DA’s growth over the past few years has shattered the myth that the DA is a ‘regional party’, and this ought to be reflected in our operational structure.

“The opening of Nkululeko House signals our intention loud and clear. Both its name and its location speak to the DA’s vision for the future. We plan to govern this province come 2019, and we plan to grow our support base in every other province across the country.”

DA set out plans for the 2019 elections

Gauteng is seen as both a key electoral battleground and the premier economic hub of South Africa. Maimane and his party are making no secret that they’re prioritising this region, and hope to eradicate the ANC’s national majority.

Nkululeko House will now be the party’s Campaign HQ, and home to a large contingent of the DA’s Federal staff structures including the national campaign “war room”, the polling and research department, the national call centre, the leader’s office and the Gauteng provincial office.