farm robbery Lydenburg

Three armed men reportedly tied up a family and ransacked their home in Mpumalanga. Photo: Pixabay.

Farm robbery: Family tied up and home ransacked in Lydenburg

A family was reportedly tied up by armed robbers while they ransacked their house during a robbery at a farm in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga.

farm robbery Lydenburg

Three armed men reportedly tied up a family and ransacked their home in Mpumalanga. Photo: Pixabay.

A family including a minor daughter were fortunately unharmed during a farm robbery in Badfontein Bambi in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga on Sunday, 14 August. 

Three armed black men reportedly arrived at the farmstead on foot at approximately 14:00, tied up the family (wife, husband and daughter) and proceeded to ransack their house. 


According to reports from community response teams, the attackers were wearing dark raincoats, and were armed with one handgun and one hunting rifle. They reportedly left at 19:00.  

The husband was able to untie himself by 20:00, and by 20:20 he had already alerted the farm owner who then reportedly called his son and alerted the Lowveld community.

The couple and the child were unharmed during the incident. 

Identifiable items taken, vehicle registration numbers now verified against owner ID

  • JCK862MP White Toyota Hilux 2.4D  with high cattle rails – company vehicle, owned by AgroData
  • KHV765MP Silver Honda CRV KHV765MP – private vehicle
  • KHV757MP Camping trailer with brown canvas, REG KHV757MP

Unfortunately there are no tracking devices on any vehicle.


According to Emergency Security Response Unit and Farm Watch on Friday, 12 August an elderly couple including a lady who worked at the office and a visitor were attacked in Boschfontein, Hiedelberg in Gauteng.

Seven robbers attacked the unsuspecting people who were in their office and the elderly man was seriously assaulted.

“The robbers insisted that firearms should be handed over to them, the old man was tied up before he was repeatedly hit on the head with a firearm.  Farm workers from neighbouring smallholdings who spotted the robbers raised the alarm. The couple was then rushed to hospital.”


In another incident, a well known and respected farmer, Hendrik Pistorius was allegedly murdered in the early morning on Wednesday, 3 August 2022, on a farm in Piket Bo-Berg, 30 kilometers outside Piketberg in the Western Cape. The 53-year-old farmer’s body was found partially covered with a bin and he sustained blunt force trauma against the right side of his head.

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