two women sitting on the roof of a pick-up truck looking into the distance for the Women with Drive Festival of motoring

Women with Drive at the Festival of Motoring in August Photo by Motorpress

Women with Drive at the Festival of Motoring in August

If you are a woman and interested in gaining an understanding of the transport industry and where it is heading, the Women with Drive could provide inspiration for your future.

two women sitting on the roof of a pick-up truck looking into the distance for the Women with Drive Festival of motoring

Women with Drive at the Festival of Motoring in August Photo by Motorpress

MasterDrive is hosting their trademark Women with Drive event again this year. Traditionally, this is hosted in October to pay recognition to Transport Month and all female leaders and influential figures within this industry.

This year, it will be hosted during the month of August, or Women’s Month.

“We were presented with the opportunity to host the event at the first Festival of Motoring since COVID-19 made public gatherings impractical. Consequently, we will be hosting Women with Drive as a hybrid event where a limited number of guests can attend in person and a virtual audience can join us as well.”

CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert

“The theme this year will be Women with Drive LIVE – a play on the word ‘live’ as we will be hosting the event live and our theme will be centred around living your best life after we move away from the challenges presented by COVID-19.”

This year we will again host both a panel discussion and a number of speakers addressing. “The theme throughout will address issues that will help guests to move beyond a life that was largely centred around surviving and to LIVE!

“In particular, the panel discussion will feature ladies that are at the helm of helping their business return to normal as we move away from pandemic restrictions and face a number of other challenges instead, including loadshedding, burgeoning fuel prices and the devastation from changed weather patterns in areas such as KwaZulu Natal.”

Women with Drive and festival topics

Presenters will address issues which are of great pertinence as they LIVE their best lives. Topics aimed to be covered include:

  • Guidance on how to balance the importance of rebuilding social lives as people overcome the tendency to stay home and avoid interaction that resulted from increased isolation
  • Analysing the lingering effects of the past few years and what we can do to LIVE at our healthiest and best
  • A motivational talk from a Paralympian who not only overcame major challenges but who chose to LIVE her best life

Every year we like to use Women with Drive to support a worthy initiative. “This year we are supporting the South African Guide-Dogs Association. The organisation is extending their premises and making this possible through the ‘Buy-a-brick-campaign. Entrance to the event is the purchasing of bricks in aid of the association.”

Follow this link to buy a brick:

MasterDrive would like to invite you to join us at Women with Drive which has become a favourite on many calendars. We also know innumerable guests will be glad to attend in person again

More information on Festival of Motoring

The Festival of Motoring will take place at the popular Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit from 26 – 28 August 2022.

You’re part of our Festival of Motoring community and we want to keep you informed on the latest developments and updates as they happen.

The theme for 2022 is Celebration, Innovation, and Aspiration. With a number of leading brands on board, including Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Dunlop, Fiat, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, MOPAR, Opel, Peugeot, Suzuki, Toyota, and Volvo there will be no shortage of amazing experiences for festival-goers.

You can experience test drives on the Dunlop Grand Trek 4×4 Village, the EV Village, Performance, and Super Car track drives, and the Grand Prix Circuit. The event is aimed at entertaining every family member with the addition of Tonino Lamborghini beverage café’s, Mobsie Kids play area, Parolin karting circuit, a Gaming Zone, and live DJ sessions.  There is something for everyone whether you’re a hardcore motoring enthusiast or looking for a fun-filled family day out

For the first time, visitors will get to see demo laps of the Cosworth-powered Minardi F1 M189, the Ferrari  A1 GP Car, Renault 3.5, and the Pilbeam MP58 with the Infiniti Indy Engine. Another first is the adrenaline-filled speed challenge with five knockout rounds from Friday to a winner’s shoot-out on Sunday. Watch the best of the best race against the clock. And for more adrenaline, The Sunbet ZX10 Masters Cup and The Legends of the 9-hour will hold an official round at the event.

Book your tickets today and keep an eye out for our updates.  You don’t want to miss out on the motoring show of the year!

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