A 2016 Lamborghini Aventador. Photo: Auto Trader

Sluggish economy? These luxury sports cars were recently bought in SA

There has been no shortage of ‘new year, new me, new car’ sales in the second-hand exotic car segment.


A 2016 Lamborghini Aventador. Photo: Auto Trader

It’s common to want to start the year with something new – whether it’s a gym routine, diet or commitment to phone loved ones more often. For some people though, January is also the time to get a new luxury vehicle…

According to IOL, six luxury sports cars were sold in KwaZulu-Natal in January 2020 with a cumulative value of R28 million.

Among the purchases featured the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador which went for R7.7m. With just 4 000km on the clock, the previous owner seems to not have done the daily school run in this vehicle. 

The 12-cylinder vehicle with its scissor doors is probably also not the sort of car you would use for ordinary grocery shopping. 

Enduring popularity of Ferrari

Ferrari’s enduring popularity is evident from the sale of four premium models in KwaZulu-Natal.

These were a 2014 Ferrari F12 for R6 million; a 2018 Ferrari 488 which went for R5.2 million; a 2011 Ferrari 458 which was sold for R2.8 million and the 2016 Ferrari California which fetched R2.75 million. 

The 2017 Lamborghini Huracan was also part of “new year, new me, new car” sales, selling for R3.9 million. 

Cash transaction

The dealerships haven’t released details of any of the buyers. Often such people want to stay under the radar and have a transaction that is seamless. 

According to Aseed Mthini, the sales manager of SMG BMW UMhlanga, which is a leading exotic car dealership, multimillion-rand car sales are usually concluded in cash.

“A guy with a lot of money will not want to pay interest on a R7 million finance deal,” he told IOL. “That would be like throwing his wealth away. It makes more sense to pay cash.”

Lamborghini on the loose

Getting the keys to the luxury vehicle of your dreams can however be the beginning of a nightmare, as the owner of a Lamborghini has recently learnt.

 TimesLive reveals that a Lamborghini Urus was stolen in early February in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. The owners is now offering a reward of R200 000 for information leading to its recovery. 

The reward is the price of a decent standard sedan. But it’s the price the owner may have to pay to get his R4 million vehicle back…