Sergio Perez could lose Red Bull seat. Image: F1

Sergio Perez’s father says Red Bull car is built to favour Verstappen

“Everything is built around Max[Verstappen], he [Perez] has to respect that,” Perez senior told Mexican Esto.


Sergio Perez could lose Red Bull seat. Image: F1

Sergio Perez’s father Antonio claims the Red Bull Racing Formula One car is designed to suit only Max Verstappen.

Verstappen won his third World Championship in a row with Red Bull and last season, he claimed 19 victories in a record breaking season.

Perez on the otherhand, only managed two wins out of the 22 races.

His father, Antonio Perez believes the only reason the Dutchman was so dominant was because he got the benefits from Red Bull.

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Papa Perez believes Checo is being sabotaged

Checo started the season with two race wins in the opening four races but struggled to keep up with his teammate.

“Everything is built around Max, he [Perez] has to respect that,” Perez senior told Mexican Esto.

“The car is tuned for Max, who likes to have a lot of grip at the front of the car.

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“Checo prefers grip at the back, but so he has to drive a car that is tailor-made for Max,” said Perez senior.

Red Bull has denied that the car was designed to suit Verstappen’s needs and style of driving.

Both Max and Checo have different styles of driving.

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Verstappen preferes a pointy car ‘on the nose’ that turns in sharply and can deal with a loose rear-end while Perez, he needs more grip coming from the rear of the car.

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